SIHAS is an indigenous local charity organization in Uganda established with the aim of ensuring that cutting edge innovations and ideas are put into practice so that there is a sustainable way of using the environment for better health outcomes.
In 2015, world leaders assented to the 17 SDGs as a follow up to the 8 MDGs in order to end poverty, enforce good health, create gender equity, have access to clean water and sanitation just to mention a few. These SDGs require all of our efforts with every person playing his or her role to contribute towards attainment of each of these goals by 2030.

In Uganda, 55 % of the entire population are people below 18 years of age and a typical household has an average number of 5 people with 55% of the households having children below 18 years. This youthful structure creates high dependency ratio at 97% and is a result of high fertility rate. Uganda has had a persistent population growth rate of 3.2% per annum resulting in rural urban migration rate of 4.5% and deforestation rate of 2.2% per annum, water shortages and sanitation challenges – 28% lack access to safe water and 18% do not have access to toilet facilities, these causes a myriad of health and environment sustainability challenges thus a need to improve on social services, environment protection and climate change mitigation measures.

In 2017, a group of professionals with different backgrounds in Health, Finance and Legal – Dr. Rodgers Ampwera, Ms. Tusiime Peninah and Mr. Dan Gumaneitwe Busigye with a passion about Health Systems Strengthening, Environment Protection and Climate Change Mitigation decided to form an organization – SIHAS that would see their passions realized in form of integrating environment protection, Climate Change Mitigation with health as part of their contribution in addressing these 21st challenges but to ultimately contribute towards attainment of SDGs.

With the birth of SIHAS, its operations are guided by Partnerships and Innovations for health, Environment Sustainability and Entrepreneurship so that lifesaving technologies are accessed by households in all communities that we serve. To achieve this we work with community groups that are informal and formal – CBOs, women and youth groups to ensure that we have healthy people and environment friendly communities in Uganda.
Transparency and Accountability
Professionalism and Integrity
Environmental protection
Climate change
Human rights and equality
Innovation and resourcefulness
Collaboration and partnerships

Environmental protection and climate change –promote environment protection not limited to office greening but ensuring that communities adopt approaches that protect the environment and mitigate for climate change.

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