Our Area Of Expertise 

Sexual Reproductive Healthand Rights 

We are committed to realizing full access to SRHR services and information as a right and driver to socio economic transformation of Uganda.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 

We offer technical assistance to address clean water, sanitation and good hygiene at household level

 Infectious Diseases 

We design programs that are responsive to the community needs to holistically address the threats posed by HIV, TB and Malaria in Uganda.

Environment Protectionand Climate Change Mitigation 

We are continuously innovating new ways of ensuring that we have green towns, protect landscapes and ensure that people are not at risk of pollution related illnesses.

Social Marketing 

We offer a platform to increase access to high quality and affordable lifesaving products and services across the country .

Maternal, Newborn and child Health 

Offer high impact solutions that improves the health and social outcomes for mothers, newborn and children across the country.

Social entrepreneurship 

We continuously innovate new methods of ensuring that hard to reach and underserved populations fully participate in delivering products and services for betterment of their livelihoods.