Thematic Areas 

In order to achieve the aforementioned key result areas, SIHAS employs several strategic approaches that include; climate change mitigation, environment protection, community based reflections, mobile clinics, health education and promotion, Research for social impact, Social marketing, clean/safe water, socio entrepreneurship, community insurance, partnerships and lobbying. Thematic areas of SIHAS includes;


Strengthen and support existing health care systems through access to innovative interventions and implementation of affordable, quality sustainable health interventions that contribute to reduction in morbidity and mortality such as maternal and child mortality, Emergency medicine and SRHR and HIV, programs under this thematic area include.  

Social marketing for health products  

Increase consumerism of life saving products, goods and services by a cross section of people which would otherwise be out of reach especially for urban and peri urban communities through use of technology.

Environment and climate change 

Environment and climate change through innovative mitigation of climate change and environment protection especially for urban, peri urban and rural set up – recycling and access to clean and safe water and clean energy such as biogas, wind and solar energy. Setting up of forest covers for entrapment of waste and soil conservation aimed at carbon dioxide emission reductions.

Livelihoods and social entrepreneurship 

To assist households to achieve adequate and sustainable access to and control of resources, in order to support positive patterns of change and mitigate negative coping strategies

Research for social impact 

Through partnering with other institution of academia, donor communities and CSOs, SIHAS will be at the fore front of carrying out research in the fields of environment protection, social entrepreneurship, health and social marketing.

SIHAS Institutional growth and capacity 

Ensure that SIHAS internal control systems, human resources, policy environment, finances and IT meets the demands of adaptive organizational development, including networking with like institutions for betterment of human populations across the country.

We need your support to bring Healthcare, Environment Protection and Climate Change Mitigation measures to the hardest to reach places and underserved populations