Transparency and Accountability, Professionalism and Integrity ,Environmental protection and climate change,Human rights and equality ,Innovation and resourcefulness and ,Collaboration and partnerships

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and Accountability – open and accessible manner and self accountable in all activities related to the organization.

Professionalism and Integrity

Professionalism and Integrity - adherence to moral and ethical principles including social justice, fairness, transparency, objectivity and enforce appropriate performance standards.

Environmental protection and climate change

Environmental protection and climate change –promote environment protection not limited to office greening but ensuring that communities adopt approaches that protect the environment and mitigate for climate change. 

Human rights and equality

Human rights and equality: Promotion and protection the human rights of every citizen including commitment to use a gender transformative approach in all our programs. Challenge gender norms that legitimize unequal relationships between men, women, girls and boys.

Innovation and resourcefulness & Collaboration and partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships –team work is gold standard including working in partnership with CSOs, ministries, development partners, to deliver on our mandate, because no single organization or approach is able to tackle Uganda’s health, environment and other social issues on its own.

Innovation and resourcefulness – creativity is our oxygen as SIHAS core team and nurture innovations.  


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